Founded in 2017, Declaring Truth Ministries is a sovereign grace evangelism ministry based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Declaring Truth Ministries equips Christians to intentionally communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to unbelievers everywhere.  We encourage, train, and mobilize disciples of Jesus to declare "the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation" (Ephesians 1:13).  For the glory of God and for the sake of the elect, we long to see every Christian evangelizing faithfully

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Is Street Preaching for Today? (2021 Zoe White Interview)

Is Street Preaching for Today? (2021 Zoe White Interview)

Subscribe to our channel & hit that bell! 🔔 Street preachers. You’ve seen them on State St. in Downtown Chicago, or on your way to the football stadium, or outside your local abortion mill. Sometimes they hold signs, oftentimes they use voice amplification. And today Joel Settecase gets to sit down with a real-life street preacher—and a friend and good brother in Christ—to get some questions answered about this controversial, yet exciting practice that seems to be as old as the Bible itself. Speaking of the Bible, there are many open air preachers in Scripture, including prophets, apostles, and even the Lord Jesus Himself. And yet, while street preaching is a method with biblical precedent (not to mention its use by some of the foremost revival leaders in church history), most evangelism training today doesn’t even mention it, let alone train believers to do it, instead focusing on relationship-based evangelism. So what gives? Is this a method that's ready to be shelved for good? Out with the old, in with the new? With such an impressive pedigree as street preaching has, is it really ready to be dustbinned in favor of other methods? On the other hand, should open air preaching perhaps be the primary way the church evangelizes today? And who’s to say? To help us sort through these vital questions and many more, in this episode Joel Settecase sits down with pastor, ministry leader and open-air preacher Zoe White. Zoe is the planting elder of Kerusso Baptist Church and the founder of Declaring Truth Ministries. Specifically, you’ll find out: 📣Zoe’s background and how he got into open air evangelism. 📣Joel’s recent experience partnering with Zoe and Declaring Truth Ministries on an outreach event and conference at Mardi Gras. 📣What Zoe sees as the attributes of truly “biblical evangelism.” And does he preach fire and brimstone? 📣What separates different kinds of open-air preachers from one another—and why Zoe never uses gimmicks in his street evangelism. 📣Why Zoe believes in open air preaching as a legitimate and valuable means of evangelism today. 📣Is street preaching for all Christians? What kind of people are best suited for open-air preaching. 📣How you (yes, you) can take the next steps toward pursuing this bold method of Gospel proclamation. SUBSCRIBE to the Think Institute channel to get equipped to explain, share and defend the Christian message! The Think Institute’s mission is to equip believers to explain, share and defend the Christian message.  Follow us! Support the Settecase Family & Think Institute:  Visit the Settecases’ giving page at Listen to the Think Podcast on 11 platforms:  Access the podcast on all platforms right here: Get a free catechism, slide presentations and books:  Check out Joel Settecase’s Catakids! right here: Bring the Think Institute to your church, group or event: Make a speaking request for Joel or Aliza Settecase here: Get more from the Think Institute:  Search the Think Institute website for worldview, evangelism, apologetics, discipleship, theology and strategic engagement resources and content: Get evangelism and apologetics resources delivered to your inbox: Apply to join the Hammer & Anvil Society: Learn more about our excellent, intensive study cohorts at 🎶Music Credits:  Classical Metal Workout by MusicLFilesLink: