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What we do

Mission & Vision

         Declaring Truth Ministries glorifies God by declaring "the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation" (Eph. 1:13) through open-air preaching, literature distribution, and "everywhere evangelism" so that all peoples would hear and believe in Jesus Christ.  In partnership with local churches, we focus on spiritually strategic locations where large numbers of souls are gathered, or where there is significant evil or brokenness.  We preach Christ crucified (1 Cor. 2:2) at major sporting events, universities, street festivals, bar districts, and abortion mills. 


         Seeking to be good stewards of God’s grace in our lives, we are declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ boldly to all peoples and equipping believers to do the same.  We always welcome the opportunity to partner with Particular Baptist churches around the world to plant new churches that make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19) through Biblical evangelism and the proclaiming of sound doctrine.​

Our first church plant in the Southeast Louisiana area is Kerusso Baptist Church in Denham Springs, LA.  For the sake of the elect and for the spread of God's glory, we pray this is the first of many new churches that God establishes in the region.

Reaching the world

        With Southeast Louisiana as our base, Declaring Truth Ministries focuses on declaring the Gospel boldly in public wherever large numbers of souls are gathered throughout the world.  Sporting events, universities, and downtown districts are perfect locations to reach thousands of people with the Word of God at once, sparking countless spiritual conversations.  However, there are some absolutely desperate ministry locations that, even with small numbers of people, require the utmost care, prayer, and gospel proclamation.  In Louisiana alone, on avg. 25 preborn babies per day are murdered by abortion!  This cannot be overlooked or forgotten.  We seek to include local and out-of-state abortion mills in our weekly evangelism efforts so that, by God's grace, babies and souls would be saved.

We come alongside the local church and its evangelists, pastors, and missionaries to reach their communities through:

  • Loving, Authoritative, Compassionate, Reformational Open-Air Preaching of God's Word

  • Joyful Distribution of God's Word (Gospel Tracts, Bibles, & Scripture Signs Displayed)

  • Personal Witnessing & Apologetics (Everywhere Evangelism)

  • Abortion Mill Sidewalk Ministry

    • Prayer, Counseling, Apologetics, Preaching, Distributing Gospel Tracts and Resources, and Displaying Graphic Signs and Banners for Community Awareness

equipping the saints

        Along with the responsibility to reach the lost, DTM seeks to equip believers to share the Gospel Biblically.  For Biblical evangelism training for your church or small group, or a training in abortion mill ministry, please contact us if you'd like Zoe to come and equip, encourage, and go out to the streets with you to put into practice what we've learned.  Other than God's Word, The Gospel's Power & Message by Paul Washer and Life Is Best, a DVD training with Scott Klusendorf may be used along with other helps.  

        We especially desire to train and encourage young men who sense God is calling them to be an evangelist or missionary.  For men who desire to preach Christ crucified (1 Cor. 2:2) as heralds and proclaimers to a lost and dying world, it would be my honor to introduce you to Biblical open-air Bible preaching!  There are a number of wonderful resources (Scriptures, books, evangelistic fellowships, annual conferences, annual ministry outreaches) that I can direct you to for all things open-air gospel preaching that will start you off on the right foot.  Long-term mentoring is also a possibility for the motivated individual. 


PO Box 1855

Denham Springs, LA 70727

Declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ boldly to all peoples

and equipping believers to do the same.

Donations to Declaring Truth Ministries are tax-deductible through our partnership with The Ministry of Unification, Inc. DBA "Revival USA"  

FEIN: 58-2508208

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