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The Family...

          God set me and Chelsea free from the bonds of Roman Catholicism in our teenage years and we pray God uses our testimonies of God's grace to build His Kingdom around the world!  Chelsea and I reside in Denham Springs, LA and have been married since 2011.  We are blessed with five beautiful children that keep our home quite lively:  Zuri, Cruz, Crozby, Azalea, and Zinnia.  (We also have 4 children in Heaven that we look forward to seeing again very soon.  To learn more about Ezra Manley White (Mar. 7, 2012 - Mar. 8, 2012), who was born at 20 weeks, 5 days, please watch our tribute video Intricately Woven.)  We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to ourselves first, because we are weak and needy of God’s grace everyday.  We strive for transparency, letting others in as we are transformed from one degree of glory to another.  We love God’s Word, beautiful music, playing outside with the kids, and laugh as much as we can!  Personally, we are in major agreement with The First London Baptist Confession of Faith, 1646 and we enjoy sweet Christian fellowship with all those that believe, preach, and teach the Biblical Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Stone of Sin Removed...

          I was born right outside New Orleans in LaPlace, LA and was raised Roman Catholic.  We were nominally Catholic for much of my childhood and I was subjected to six years of Roman Catholic elementary education.  In middle school, I became an altar boy for selfish reasons and began to go to Mass regularly.  The religion was simply a way for me to seem righteous on the outside, because inwardly I was as filthy as could be.  As I think about life before Christ, I consider Romans 1.  


"They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, proud, boastful, inventors of evil things, and disobedient toward parents..." 

Romans 1:29-30

As a teenager, my sin was getting out of control and my family feared I was at a crossroads as high school was quickly approaching.  After a tumultuous couple of years, I was sent by my father to a Christian military school in Port Gibson, MS called Chamberlain-Hunt Academy for my 8th grade year.   It was there that a young family on staff, The Whitneys, befriended me and invited me to a summer retreat.  By God's grace, while at the Laguna Beach Christian Retreat in Panama City, FL, He saved me at the age of 14 on the night of July 12th, 2000.  All the sins of my youth accumulated that night and felt like a large, smothering stone on my chest.  I cried out to Jesus Christ with a loud voice to take that stone of sin off me and save me...and praise God He did!  I'm thankful for the fellow saints that encouraged me to follow Christ in my teen years.  Sadly, however, many roots of sin lingered due to my lack of Bible intake and discipleship.  I pursued dating relationships and worked hard in my athletics.  It was not until college that I received the sound doctrines of the Bible with joy.  Through powerful expository preaching in various churches in Hammond, LA, and annual missions conferences, I learned the gospel and the heartbreaking reality that thousands of unreached people groups will never hear the gospel unless someone brings it to them.  I had the amazing privilege of taking several short term mission trips to South Africa, Swaziland, Vietnam, and India.

Into the Fray...

          But how was I sharing the gospel on those mission trips?  Did I even share the gospel with my own family, friends, and neighbors in my own neighborhood, BEFORE I got on the plane?  Why was I so zealous to evangelize OVER THERE a couple times a year, but lacked the zeal and discipline RIGHT HERE to be a soul-winner everyday?  In 2016, God introduced me to the ministry of Ray Comfort at Living Waters.  God used the evangelistic zeal, steadfast discipline, and loving compassion of Ray Comfort to convict me of how little I shared the gospel in my daily life.  (Though I no longer stand in agreement with Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team that the Ten Commandments are the "key to evangelism", I am absolutely thankful God has used them to lead thousands of believers out to the street to declare God's Good News.)

For many years I said I was "called to be a missionary", but I rarely offered the lost around me the hope of Jesus Christ!  I repented and asked God to teach me how to share the gospel obediently and faithfully.  By His grace, I hand out gospel tracts regularly now, pursue evangelistic conversations with nearly everyone I meet, and I started my new life of open air preaching in February 2017.  Soon after, Declaring Truth Ministries was born.  All glory to God for opening my eyes to the need around me!  It is such a joy to proclaim the Good News that God is reconciling sinners to Himself through the perfect life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ!  As His ambassador, I go forward into the fray, to declare the Good News of my King and Savior, that I may share in His sufferings for the sake of the elect and for His glory.  

Bus Life...

          For several years, we lived in Tickfaw, LA and grew a family there.  In 2019, we experienced a remarkable God-sized portion of generosity!  Ministry partners relieved us of our mortgage by buying our home from us!  With an eye toward setting missionary families free of debt, they updated the home in Tickfaw, and resold, giving us the profits to buy something outright.  With the proceeds from the home sale and after fundraising for many months, God provided a beautiful 1977 MC-8 Crusader bus conversion for us to live in permanently.  The Brewer Family has graciously allowed us to park our bus on their property in Denham Springs, Louisiana.  So we currently call Denham Springs "home", with Baton Rouge and New Orleans within reasonable distance for ministry.  In 2019, we sold our house and bought a 40 foot motor coach to live in full-time.  We want this season of living in a bus to have a major impact on our sanctification and to better enable us to serve the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!  We hope to make multiple mission trips per year as a family throughout North America: declaring the Gospel at large events, visiting our ministry partners to encourage their families, equipping believers by preaching and teaching at churches, and networking with churches to build prayer and financial support for the ministry.

Mission & Vision...
Declaring Truth Ministries glorifies God by declaring "the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation" (Eph. 1:13) through open-air preaching, literature distribution, and "everywhere evangelism" so that all peoples would hear and believe in Jesus Christ.  In partnership with local churches, we focus on spiritually strategic locations where large numbers of souls are gathered, or where there is significant evil or brokenness.  We preach Christ crucified (1 Cor. 2:2) at major sporting events, universities, street festivals, bar districts, abortion mills, and wherever else the Spirit leads us.  Utilizing our experience regularly preaching in the world famous French Quarter of New Orleans, DTM hosts Declaring Truth @ Mardi Gras, an annual 4-day evangelism conference and mission trip to reach millions of revelers for Christ in New Orleans.

          Seeking to be good stewards of God’s grace in our lives, we are declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ boldly to all peoples and equipping believers to do the same.  We always welcome the opportunity to partner with Calvinistic/sovereign grace churches around the world to plant new churches that make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19) through Biblical evangelism and the preaching of sound doctrine.

Zoe White
Evangelist & Founder
Declaring Truth Ministries


PO Box 1855

Denham Springs, LA 70727

Declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ boldly to all peoples

and equipping believers to do the same.

Donations to Declaring Truth Ministries are tax-deductible through our partnership with The Ministry of Unification, Inc. DBA "Revival USA"  

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