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Bibles & Sound christian books made available by dtm ministry partners


"This will be my first book order.
I’m wanting to accept Jesus Christ as my savior."

Kimberly F.
Duluth, MN

Book Pages

"I received a beautiful Hardcover large print KJV Bible from this organization awhile back and I use it every single day.  The print is nice and big so I can read more clearly.  My eyesight is a little worse so the larger print is a big help.  I also love the fact that Jesus's words are highlighted in red, so I can really focus on certain passages.  All in all this bible is truly a blessing and one that I know will be well used and well loved.  Thank you so much for such a lovely gift."

Jackie P.
Eden Prairie, MN

Book and Bag

Goals & Guidelines

  1. Our Goal:  One Book, Per Person, Per Month, For the Glory of God.

  2. Complete United States addresses only. 

  3. Once we reach our monthly allotment of book requests, we will temporarily disable our Free Book Request Form.  Please return on the 1st of the following month to submit your request.

  4. Duplicate requests will be rejected. See Rule #1.

  5. We do not ship to prisons/jails at this time.

  6. You must plan to be at current address for more than 4 weeks due to the time it takes to fund & fulfill the requests.

  7. Please do not submit a request for someone other than yourself.  For evangelistic purposes, we suggest that YOU ship the free book to your unbelieving friend or send them this link ( and allow your friend to submit their own request.

  8. You must answer a short survey.  (Requests with incomplete or inappropriate responses will be rejected.)  The survey questions help us get to know you better and also helps to validate The Book Report below.  Insightful responses may be featured on our webpage and ministry literature having an opportunity to encourage many others.

  9. Please be patient as we wait in faith for God to provide.  Currently, book requests are fulfilled within 4-6 weeks. Lord-willing, as God provides the resources, we will be able to cut this time in half.

  10. Bibles will always be in new condition and colors are subject to change.  All other titles will either be in new or gently used condition.

  11. Other ministries are welcome to add this webpage to their Gospel tracts and websites. We suggest using the phrase, "Free Bibles & Sound Christian Books:"

Free Book Library

Free book request Form
(please read GUIDELINES above)
Choose Your Free Book!
What is most important to you in a Christian ministry newsletter you receive in the mail?

Thanks for submitting!

The Free Book Resource is now on pause indefinitely until we wait on God to provide the necessary funding. We built an efficient system of shipping Bibles and healthy Christian books to anyone in the United States who submitted an eligible request.
(See "Goals & Guidelines" above.) 

Please join us now in prayer for God to provide.

Would you please consider becoming a monthly ministry partner of Declaring Truth Ministries? Every bit helps!

Thank you!

- Zoe R. White
Director, Declaring Truth Ministries

Enjoying the Free Book Resource?
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The Book Report

A note from the director

The Free Book Resource serves two primary purposes.  First, it is our attempt to "follow up" and capitalize on the powerful Gospel conversations we have on the street with unbelievers.  Second, Christians will be educated, encouraged, and equipped to communicate the true Gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully as their home library is filled with sound doctrine.  


After a wonderful Gospel encounter on the street, at the abortion mill, or on the college campus, not only do we direct seekers and inquirers to visit a Gospel preaching local church, but also to this website to request their free Bible or book to further answer their questions.  (This is very helpful because my evangelism backpack was getting very heavy with Bibles and apologetic resources!)  Not only do we want to put sound doctrine in the hands of unbelievers, but also the Church.  For believers who are struggling financially, this resource is for you too.  We want to equip you to serve Jesus Christ and make Him known to the nations.

The cost of books in our library is about $3-$15, most being $3-$8 books.  We have learned through our years of literature distribution that much sound doctrine can be conveyed on very few pages.  We currently ship throughout the United States, and as God provides through our generous ministry partners, we hope to expand globally.  We are beginning to receive requests for books and Bibles overseas, but we are turning them down until God provides for international shipping costs.  Accountability is worked into this resource by posting on our website the required survey response from every individual.  Also, reports will be shared on our ministry newsletter, Dispatch From The Front

New titles will be added regularly as we review them, so please return on occasion for the updated library.  As funds allow, we will provide KJV and NKJV Bibles.  Concise Christian books about God, the Gospel, Biblical evangelism, apologetics, and discipleship will be chosen from a Calvinist / sovereign grace perspective.  Evangelistic books and sermons from Charles H. Spurgeon and J.C. Ryle are forthcoming.  If you desire to see this resource grow, prayerfully consider giving a tax-deductible one-time or recurring gift to DTM.  Please let us know how these books grow you closer to Christ, equip you to evangelize, and strengthen your faith.  


Finally, consider linking to this page on your tracts, social media pages, church website, ministry blog, etc. so that others can take advantage of this helpful resource.  


Soli Deo Gloria!


Zoe R. White


Declaring Truth Ministries


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