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(Practical One-time donations of critical resources)

There are some things we could always put to good use in our gospel ministry on the streets.  

Are you able to donate the following items?  Many of the donation ideas below are FREE or LOW-COST!

  • REVIEWS & RECOMMENDATIONS:  On Facebook and our Donate Page.  Quick, easy, and helps with online exposure!

  • REFERRALS:  Referrals are one of the greatest gifts because we get to meet believers around the world and hear powerful testimonies of God's grace in their lives!  Which of your close friends would be very encouraged by our evangelism ministry?  Who do you think would LOVE to get behind our ministry as a Monthly Ministry Partner?

    • Two Simple Steps to a Ministry Referral:

      1. Send us a message with your close friend's contact info.

      2. Let your friend know that we'll be in touch soon to share how God is using DTM and to give them an opportunity to partner with us in some way.  That's it! 

  • Blessing Bags for Abortion Mill Ministry:  New or Like New gender-neutral newborn clothing, baby blankets, bottles, pacifiers, etc. in a small non-branded canvas tote to bless those who choose LIFE or who are having second thoughts about murder. You may mail or drop off items. 

  • Donate Valuable Items For Resale Online:  Are you willing to part with gift cards,  beautiful paintings, autographed sports memorabilia, hobby items, tools, furniture in good condition, etc.? These things can be sold online to go toward our annual ministry expenses.  That seemingly random, yet valuable widget collecting dust in your garage can go toward saving souls!  If you are unsure of the current value, check out ebay, Craigslist, or shoot us a message.  (We will gladly arrange for pickup or pay for postage to obtain donation.)

  • Bibles:  Complete or New Testaments, New or Like New condition in any language.  Maybe you have an extra Bible that could find a new home?

  • Custom Gospel Tracts & Scripture Signs

  • Street Evangelism Tech:  Amplifiers, microphones, cables, batteries, video cameras, memory cards, computers, etc. (Contact us to see what our current needs are in this often-changing area of ministry.)

  • Plane tickets, Air Miles, Fuel Gift Cards, Hotel Vouchers

  • Community Influence:  Do you live near an abortion mill?  Do you own property on an urban street with heavy foot traffic?  Own a house near festival fairgrounds?  Or a downtown business that could be utilized after hours as an urban gospel outpost for evangelists?  How can you leverage the influence God has given you for the sake of reaching the lost?  Get creative and reach out to us for assistance!

Any questions regarding how you can best meet our needs or pray for us?

Give us a call!


Thank you!

Blessing Bags Fully Stocked! Thank you!
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